Profitable Content Bootcamp

Do You Want To Gain Clients From Your Content?

This Is A Proven Plan To Engaging Content & Increased Sales

Join the 90 Day Coaching Program That Will Give You the Confidence & Skills To Create Content That Makes People Want To Buy From You.  


  • You started an online business or are thinking about starting one and feels stuck/lost in the process
  • You feel stress and anxiety about a lack of household income to adequately pay bills & get ahead in life
  • You lack confidence in your ability to create the leads and sales required to build into $10k months
  • You spent $1000s on marketing courses, coaches, challenges, workshops, etc
  • You spends up to 3 hours weekly seeking answers on YouTube, blogs, podcasts & other content sources
  • You becomes mentally exhausted trying to figure out if you should blog, podcast, use social media
  • You may have set up social media accounts & maybe a blog home page, but don’t know what to do next
  • You feel less self respect each time the next content creation rabbit hole you go down fails to improve things
  • You are open to new ideas and are not scared to admit you don’t know what you don’t know

What You'll Learn

Profitable Content Bootcamp™ program is unlike any other type of coaching experience. The company focuses on helping its clients intimately understand a content creation system that is simple, yet highly effective in attracting the leads and sales required to create a six figure business. Shaun’s methods mix personal development with expert training about creating content, generating online traffic, and converting into revenue. 

Content Creation Blueprint

Learn the ins and outs of creating content that directly converts traffic into monetization: a) Working with the end in mind b) Building your content staircase c) Developing your content creation checklists

Content Creation Coaching

Weekly group Zoom coaching calls to keep you accountable, get detailed feedback, and obtain motivation to keep moving forward. 

Direct 1:1 Access

This includes direct 1:1 access to our team between calls where you can ask any question that comes to mind, solve any challenge that you have, and I’ll directly help you.


  • Blueprint


  • 1:1 SUPPORT


The Content Creation Blueprint

This self-paced program is focused to give you a strong understanding and foundation around what actually creates great content that drive sales.  I’ll teach you the ins and outs of creating content that will:

  1. Focus on the end goal first and then working backwards from there.
  2. Build your content staircase so you have a clear idea of all the content you need to develop
  3. Develop your content creation checklists, giving you step by step processes to consistently make great content.

Hi, I'm Shaun. It's great to see you!

I've created the Profitable Content Bootcamp™ because I've witnessed so many business owners creating content with no direction towards actually growing their business profits.

This 90 day coaching program is specifically designed to give you the skills and confidence to approach your content with purpose and results.

We have known Shaun for more than 6 years now. We used his services to help us set up our Infusionsoft account. Recently, we signed on for his digital marketing consulting services and have made more progress in the past 45 days than we had in the previous year. Shaun is systematic and organized in his approach, while lending tremendous insight into the creative process.


I am delighted to have such a responsive and knowledgeable marketing partner in Shaun and his team.. Shaun is always on the ball when it comes to advanced marketing practices, and has added a lot of value for us in email automations and showing us how to squeeze value out of our campaign tactics.

Rebecca Colwell, TEN DIRECTIONS

Shaun and his team are as good as it gets! The depth, breadth and quality of their digital marketing expertise is unparalleled in my experience. More importantly, Shaun has impeccable character and a commitment to our success as if he was an owner in our company. I unconditionally recommend Blue Cow Marketing for digital marketing, automations, sales funnels and a whole lot more.


I cannot think of a world without Shaun and his team keeping us current with our Marketing. Happy client for 6+ years!!


Working with Shaun is easy and that is so important to me because marketing coupled with technology is a steep learning curve. Shaun is patient, understanding, willing to teach me and fun. I am actually looking forward to taking myself "out there." I would recommend Shaun to anyone wanting a well rounded, well versed marketing professional. Thank you!


Shaun took the time to first understand me and my business mission and values. Then it was professionally transferred into an on-line presence I am very proud of and feel very much aligned with! Thank-you Shaun


We have worked with Shaun and his team for years. Shaun is great at getting to the point and taking action with his clients. Over the years working with Shaun he has become a friend and I appreciate his advice and business acumen.


Shaun has been instrumental in supporting my business: website, crm, email marketing, audio and video! I highly recommend working with him!


Any business these days needs a professional to navigate all the ins and outs of online marketing, e-commerce, social media etc. We have been working with Shaun for several years now and having nothing but great things to say. And great results too!


100% Confidence Guarantee

In 90 days, you will say with 100% certainty that you possess the skills, knowledge, and tools required to create $10k monthly revenue by attracting your best fit clients via your content marketing plan. Or, I’ll work with you free for 30 days to get you there.

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